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Video of the Week: This is the Stuff

One of my favorite new songs on the radio these days is Francesca Battistelli’s “This is the Stuff“. It is a perfect “anthem” for mothers everywhere! It always seems like the little “stuff” is the thing that makes us crazy – but it can show us patience and thus we an teach our children some patience. Enjoy!


When Motherhood Got Really Funny…

Teen vs. MomMotherhood has always been a time of joy and laughter. Toddlers are funny, they do cute things and are sweet. It’s a very sweet time. Then… they start middle school and become – TEENAGERS! This is where I had to seriously develop my sense of humor (If I didn’t I would have gone insane!)

A little background – I have 3 daughters – 21, 13, and 11. I’ve been through the teen years once, now I am in the middle of it again (and a few years older and more tired than the first time!)

Teenagers!Having a teenager (especially a girl) is a little like having a houseful of girls but you only see one at a time. Every time you turn around you’re not sure who is going to be there: your little princess who still wants to snuggle and let you do her nails or the super/ultra independent “woman” who uses black for everything (nail polish, clothing, eye shadow, lipstick). You begin to wonder if this is some strange joke that those “upstairs” get a “kick” out of.

It is much easier to look back on those years than to be IN the teenage years. This is a really important time in their lives. Their self-esteem is very fragile. I developed my humor during this time to help my teens to lighten up. Not everything in their life is DRAMA. Teens see everything in black and white. It is either GREAT or TERRIBLE. By adding some humor to their life (and ours) I think we can help them relax their outlook on life. Reality is never black or white and if we can laugh at things (or find something to laugh at to help relieve some stress) it will make the teen journey much easier.

Sometimes humor is the only way to engage the teen. Find a funny movie and watch it together – on the couch – in the same room. You might even get a shared laugh or smile during it. We have found recently that we can get a great laugh from the commercials. Whatever it takes, help your teen find some humor. Here’s the latest commercial that we find funny – Enjoy!


Video of the Week: North Carolina Style

If you’ve visited my blog before, you may have noticed that I like Flash Mob dances. The Oprah show turned me on to them. This one takes place in my state – North Carolina. Actually not far from where I live.  And my oldest knows most of the dancers. They are from the University of North Carolina School of Arts Senior Dance program. (Go Fighting Pickles!) Enjoy!


Pause…and Fast Forward

Did you ever go to sleep and wake up 2 months later?… Or maybe I blinked and missed the last 2 months. What ever it is all I know is one minute it was August – summer was getting ready to be over and school was getting ready to start. Now it is almost November and I’m looking at a pumpkin that has seen better days.

I love to blog and I love the blog community. I have missed you these last 2 months. There hasn’t been anything monumental that has kept me from blogging…just my family. My husband just asked me how to make the TV work (turn off the DVD player and press on, honey…). That is the kind of life I have had over the last 2 months. Little things that are called life in my family.

I have a picture frame that at the top says “Give Thanks”. This is the photo in the frame.

Upon looking at this photo, you might think “what a great family”. “Great costumes! ” The reality is that it took me ALL day to get everyone looking like this. The hair, make-up, props, costumes, etc. Then came the attitudes. They were going to a Father/Daughter dance which had a costume contest. The girls had decided at the beginning of the month to be the Red & White Queen. When I thought about the costume aspect of the dance, I thought my husband would be a perfect “Mad Hatter”. He had other ideas. His typical Halloween costume is his cowboy hat and duster. I talked him into a vest and French cuff shirt. My daughter had a “Mad Hatter” hat, we just added the extras. Overall it turned out really good. He actually won first place in “Most Original” costume. His prize – the frame that says “Give Thanks!”

That is why I haven’t had time to write for a while. But I pledge to find the time to post again and again. I need the sanity!



Mom is Singing…

I like to sing. I’ll admit it…I’m not the best singer, but it makes me happy so I sing. Apparently, my kids don’t always like it when I sing. Today in the car as I was driving everyone to school, a song came on that I like. I know “most” of the words so I began singing. I heard my youngest in the back seat singing also. Then I feel it – eyes, staring at me. My 12 year old is giving me the “stare”. The “stare” means – “Mother…Please!” and “Moooom – stop embarrassing yourself!”

I usually stop when I get the “stare”. But I have shared a smile with everyone around and that’s ok. Especially as my girls grow to be teenagers. I’ll take anything I can get! So break out into song (and not the “Barney Song”) something they know also! They will love your version!


Foto Friday: Summer Camp is Over

Summer camp is over for another year.

That can only mean one thing…

But I don’t want to think about that right now. These are the times when I wished I home schooled my kids. That way I could extend summer just a little longer. The way it should be.

Hope your summer camps were good ones!


Favorite Blog: The Pioneer Woman

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to showcase a couple of  blogs that I read faithfully. I hope you enjoy!

The Pioneer Woman is a blog that I read every day. Ree makes it very easy, I follow her via her RSS feed and it throws it into my iGoogle page (I don’t know how she does it, but it’s brilliant!).

When she has a new post, it shows me on my iGoogle page and I can click on it and read the current days post. I love her posts for a number of reasons (and none of them involve tips or ideas!). Number one are her photos. She is a wonderful photographer! She has a wonderful setting (Oklahoma) but her shots are just beautiful. My camera can never keep up with the shots (if I had an album of the shots that my camera missed, they would be awesome!). Her posts are also short and to the point. Ree’s posts revolve around her life on the ranch. No big issues, just the common day “stuff” of ranch life. I don’t have to spend no more than 10 minutes of my day reading her posts.

Her blog is not just “life on the ranch” posts. She is also an accomplished writer – Pioneer Woman Cooks. She was recently on the Today Show showing off some of her recipes (she has been on every major morning show!). She posts recipes that are beautiful to look at …I’m still a little intimidated to try them! I promise myself, I will try one soon!

Ree also homeschools her 4 children so she has a section of her blog on homeschooling.

The Pioneer Woman really does has something for everyone. I recommend you check out Ree’s The Pioneer Woman blog today. You’ll be glad you did.

Do you have a favorite blog? Is there someone’s blog that you want me to check out? Let me know!


Weekly Chores

Weekly house cleaning – a job that usually falls on mom’s shoulders. But feel that the kid’s can help make this process easier for all of us. I think it’s one of those life skills that we should be helping our children learn

I have a list of about 20 different things that need to be done around our house on a weekly basis – everything from taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms (they love this one!), vacuuming, sweeping, etc. I ask each child to pick 3 items per day. The 3 only take about 15 minutes and they are done – done to have fun with friends, play games, read, etc. I have them do a few everyday so by Thursday they can be done with everything.

I am not sitting on the couch easting bon-bons (or writing my blog!) sometimes they need help or I am working on some of the “bigger” house cleaning things!

The nice thing is that they don’t complain about it. They just do it! I take that back – they do complain – when their sibling does the same chore 2 weeks in a row. They do have some chores that they don’t like to do (don’t we all!), but they know that if they just do it – it will be over.

I got a simplified list of house cleaning tips from a website called FlyLady. FlyLady also offers tips to “FlyKids”. There is a “Riley’s Challenge“. This is a challenge for the kids to go to their room and work on one “area” or zone. My girls loved the Riley’s Challenges!

Do your children help with the house cleaning? What do they “enjoy” doing (mine like to clean the toilet!)?

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